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Experimental Realism 2022

A reflection on my experience as a #ExRe 2022 mentee. [in the works]

Dogfish Shark and Dungeness Crabs in False Creek, image by Fernando Lessa

hirudinea lampyris: Untangling Sustainability through Design Fiction

A small publication on my design process in completeing my capstone project, hirudinea lampyris: The Firefly Leech.

An early visualization of hirudinea lampyris

Cybertruck: Road to Dystopia

This piece won third place in Onomatopee’s CritiCALL design criticism open call. I argue against the false optimism of electric vehicles and question Elon Musk’s ulterior motives.

This essay is part of the publication, Criticall!, and is available for purchase through Onomatopee Publishing.

Onomatopee 186, Joannette van der Veer (curator), Wibke Bramesfeld (photography credits)

Holistic Entanglements

My initial graduation proposal regarding design’s role in holistic ecology.

Image from Anab Jain’s Calling for a More-Than-Human Politics

Reflections on Contextual Collecting and Making

This reflection is my personal response to a call out by Zara Huntley and I’s studio, Studio Peal, for reflective natural making.

Silverdale Wetlands

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